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Track Name: Bliszteke
Don’t be afraid to show your true color
Diverging from norm is a gift

Your true colour will see the light one day
Believe in the strength
only you can posses

They may not see the beauty in your art
But who are they to judge?
Open eyes and look around
your art is majestic as it is

There a place where you
Can really shine for yourself
Just it may not be clear sometimes
But you willl find it one day

I will not let you take over myself

You will not tell me what I Need to become


Track Name: Memories (Acoustic)
If we were never meant to be
Why do I feel so right with you?

I could have never stood up for all the beliefs and hope I have now

You have made me into something much more than I could
ever hoped myself to be

If I were to give you up there will be nothing left of me
All the memories of who I was then will haunt me eternally

You have made me into something much more than I could
ever hoped myself to be

Remember me for who I am 'cause all will be gone soon, too soon
What will remain of me is just memories in fragments of your mind

These memories will be all left of me
Track Name: Dilurelm (Studio Live)
It is only natural to feel afraid to step into the path that you’ve never walked before
Without the courage and desire to discover
we’ll only weaken ourselves

Try Believe Have Hope in your Heart
The only way to move on
Don’t fear the uncovered

To fear moving forward will lead you to deterioration
Only way left in here is to rot alive
The comfort of where you are at is the biggest enemy
Break out from your shell

待ってるよ 君を 明るい 光が
さぁ 足を踏み出そう 前へ   
さぁ もう一歩 踏み出そう 自分で   
Track Name: Mewdek (Studio Live)
How does it feel?
Everyone loves you so
How does it feel?
No one will harm you here
What would you do?
Without the cage of your own
What would you do?
When all the people are gone

Look outside, you’re only fooling yourself
Face the truth see what you really are

It’s the only world that you can make the difference
The only world you can be something.

You’re only living in your ideal

I will throw you out from this throne you’ll never move from
You’ll see how small your world is from the floor you lie

Realise your time will be up
When the cage is broken down
Nothing will be left behind for you

You are the hero
You are the king
You are the God
of the world you created

But it means nothing to me
You’re just the same
The same all of us

Wake up

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